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When starting a new business, it’s critical to get the foundation right so you’re not building on sand. We can help. Choosing the right structure for you now, and also one that will work for you as you grow in the future, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in business. You should speak to your accountant too, and we can guide you through your options for asset protection. After all, you don’t want to be hit with a massive tax bill down the track to change structure, and you also don’t want your hard earned assets at risk if things don’t go to plan one day. 

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Trust Deeds & Company Incorporations Pricing

Structuring advice, company & trust establishment & amending.

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All prices are GST exclusive. If you require any searches or other disbursements, we will advise and add these as necessary.
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Trust Deeds & Company Incorporations Frequently Asked Questions

Structuring advice, company & trust establishment & amending.

We can have a company set up within a few hours of receiving your instruction sheet, so the sooner you click the Claim Free Strategy Call, the sooner we can discuss structuring and send you the right instruction sheet. Often, we have companies and trusts prepared within 24-48 hours.
Yes we can do this. Whether the Deed needs stamping and the amount of duty payable varies depending on which State you are setting up the Trust in and where the assets are based.
If you provide us with instructions on the changes you want made, we can generally have this done within 24-48 hours, as we will need to get ASIC approval to register as your Agent online.
Potentially, so long as it does not have any assets or debts. We will need to lodge an ASIC Form for this and minutes documenting the wind down. The process will take 24-48 hours for us to register as your ASIC agent online to lodge the relevant form on your behalf.
Yes, we can help with this also. There are two key structures that NFPs use so just click the Claim Free Strategy Call button and we’ll talk you through it.
Yes, our clients often ask us to arrange a teleconference with them and their accountant so everyone is on the same page, to save cost and time. We will just charge for the time incurred so a 30 minute call would be $175 + GST. You might benefit from engaging our Legal Counsel service to have regular teleconferences with us.
Yes, if you click on the eBook below, you will get a copy of our Structures Comparison Table for free. Once you’ve had a read, just click the Claim Free Strategy Call button and we’ll talk you through it.

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