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Let us help you build a solid foundation for your business. There are several documents and packages you can choose from, or perhaps you could mix and match to suit your needs. It’s your business, your way. But we’ll give you a few hints and tips along the way to save your time, stress and a few bucks.

Want to start a business but don’t know what to do first, and are on a tight budget? Great! Give us a call. We can help you determine which structure is best for you now and in the future, and then provide you with a package so that you just have to focus on making millions of dollars, knowing your legal interests are protected. You wouldn’t go bungy jumping without a parachute as a safety net so why would you start selling your products without any terms and conditions in place?

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Business Documents Pricing

You make the plans, we’ll document it for you.

No price for this service

All prices are GST exclusive. If you require any searches or other disbursements, we will advise and add these as necessary.
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Business Documents Frequently Asked Questions

You make the plans, we’ll document it for you.

Yes absolutely! Please click on the Claim Free Strategy Call button below the document you are looking to have drafted and book a time to speak with us, so we can make sure that is what you really need for your situation.
After our call, we will send you a questionnaire online so you can tell us more about how you want your document to operate and the specific details of the parties involved. We’ll then draft the document for your initial review.
We will do two rounds of reviews with you to make sure we’re covering off on any minor changes you think about after the initial review and drafting. If you keep changing your mind, we can continue to make further changes for you however this will incur additional charges based on the amount of time it takes to make the amendments e.g. another 5 minutes spent redrafting several clauses will cost $35 + GST, but could be of significant value to your business.
We will provide the document to you in Fillable PDF so that you can adjust the schedule for different suppliers, employees, deals, etc. This gives you ultimate control over the document with the security that no one will change the terms you have had drafted for you.
YES! We do bundle deals which entitle you to a 5% discount for 2 documents, or a 10% discount for 3 or more documents.
Yes – we can do a review for $197 + GST and give you advice on your current contract. You can then choose whether you amend the contract you have, or go with a new contract we have drafted. If you decide to let us create a new document for you, there will be no fee for the contract review.
Yes – we can do a review for $197 + GST and give you advice on the agreement. We can then give you a list of points to negotiate with the other party, or you can get us to take over the negotiation process and drafting which is often easier, safer and cheaper for you. You may even want to buy a package of hours using our Legal Counsel service to get the best deal here.

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